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Color is descriptive.
Black and white is interpretative

Elliot Erwitt

We would like to introduce our new online shop concept. What do you find here?
Being true to ourselves, all the photographs we present in this website are realized by the IMAGO Camera. It is an experimental work which utilises several analog photography techniques with the main purpose being the search for the unexpected and the unique elements.
We offer a limited edition through a variety of portraits, abstract imagines, still life. Solarizations, fotogramms, double and long exposures are the results of a combination between light, time and paper. The result is a one-of-a-kind photograph taken on a special direct positive photo paper.
This original photograph serves as a template for a limited edition on various high-quality fine art papers. (Baryte, archival pigment print). We deliberately refrain from digital post-processing and thus remain very close to the unique specimen.



Nature and botany are essential categories in the history of Photography. The first photographs were made according to the will of recording the status of botanical elements and to collect them in catalogs. Flowers have always been a symbol of endless beauty, for their nature-given elegance and texture.


What happens when you get lost in an imagine? Pictures are as different as you look at them. Details change together with a change of perspective and in the same way the inner meaning can evolve into a new one.


Within the IMAGO Camera there are many possibilities to realize analog pictures: not only objects are welcome but also humans. In the last decade many people stepped into the large format camera and produced their own creative ideas with it.


The IMAGO Lab is the space where we invite you to become part of the universe of IMAGO. You can see what emerges from a contamination between the IMAGO technique in photography and other forms of art and performances. Here IMAGO presents an open space given to other artists and different voices in order to develop a common language.